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Export Model in AX 2012 using Microsoft Dynamics AX Management Shell

A Model can be export and import into a model store.

Microsoft Dynamics AX Model is a set of elements in a given layer and each layer can be one or more models.

Model can be export to files using Microsoft Dynamics AX Management Shell and it will have .axmodel extensions.

Model exported called Model File or AX Model File.


  1. Administrative permissions on the local computer.
  2. System Administrator rights in Microsoft Dynamics AX.
  3. In Microsoft SQL Server:
    • Membership in the Securityadmin server role on the SQL Server instance.
    • Membership in the db_owner role in the Microsoft Dynamics AX database.


  1. Open Microsoft Dynamics AX Management Shell, Go to Start Menu > All Programs > Administrative Tools > Microsoft Dynamics AX Management Shell.
  1. At the Windows PowerShell command prompt, PS C:\>, type the following command, and then press ENTER.
    AX Management Shell:
    Export-AXModel –Model <name> -File <Filename.axmodel> 
    Export -AXModel -Model "USR Model" -File C:\USR.axmodel
    Export Model AX2012
    Wait until it finished...
    Export Model AX2012 - Exported
    AX model files should be save and placed in C:\USR.axmodel
    Export Model AX2012 - Exported Location


    You can use the –Server, –Config, or –Database parameters to specify the environment to export from.

    You can also use the -Key parameter to specify the strong-name key pair file to use to sign a model.

    For more information, see Export-AXModel