AX 2012: Get Exchange Rates


Get Exchange Rates in AX 2012

Parameters are CurrencyCode and TransDate.


public ExchRate getExchRateFind(CurrencyCode _currencyCode = ”, TransDate _transDate = systemDateGet())
ExchangeRateType ExchangeRateType;
ExchangeRateCurrencyPair ExchangeRateCurrencyPair;
ExchangeRateHelper exchangeRateHelper;
CurrencyExchangeRate exchangeRate1;
CurrencyExchangeRate exchangeRate;

exchangeRateHelper = ExchangeRateHelper::newExchangeDate(Ledger::current(), _currencyCode, _transDate);
exchangeRate1 = exchangeRateHelper.getExchangeRate1();
exchangeRate = exchangeRateHelper.displayStoredExchangeRate(exchangeRate1);

return exchangeRate;


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